It has been said that cities are made up of neighbours who do not know each other.

With this lack of knowledge, we sometimes feel lost and lonely, perhaps even insecure. We look for a place to belong. Elmwood Presbyterian Church offers that security, that intimacy and that place of belonging that finds its roots in Jesus Christ our Lord. At Elmwood, uplifting worship helps us confront the struggles of model life; you can find much to assist you in your own personal challenges.

Who We Are

  • Disciples of Christ
  • Empowered by the Spirit
  • Glorifying God
  • Rejoicing in Service

What We Do

Relying on the power of the Holy Spirit, we proclaim the love and good news of Jesus Christ through our words and actions.

As a reformed church, we rely on the truth and inspiration of Scriptures for God's guidance into the future-a future that we approach with wonder and anticipation, knowing God is with us.

As worshipping communities joyfully celebrating the sacraments, we are supported, strengthened and equipped to share the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ.

What We Believe

Our Mission Statement

  • Our mission, in a world where many do not know the gospel, is to tell the biblical story in ever new and creative ways.
  • Our mission, in a world wounded by sin, is to point to the redemptive work of Christ and the life-changing presence of the Spirit. 
  • Our mission, in a world burdened with anxiety and apprehension, is to provide a place of sanctuary, tranquility and renewal in the name of the One who said, "I will give you rest." 
  • Our mission, in a world where many are oppressed, excluded or ignored, is to call for personal righteousness, justice and reconciliation in the Church and in the world and to hear, respect and cherish all God's children. 
  • Our mission, in a world of limited resources, is to use God's gifts wisely and fairly for the good of all. 
  • Our mission, in a world of many nations, peoples, denominations and faiths, is to learn from one another and work together for the healing of the nations. 

In all times and seasons, we give glory to the God of all creation, to Jesus Christ, the Son, and to the Holy Spirit by whose presence all are blessed.

Our History

The history of the congregation of Elmwood is a long and interesting story.

Explore the Different Chapters of Our History

Chapter 1: 1925 - 1950

  • A New Church Congregation
  • A Word On Church Union
  • The New Church In Body And Spirit
  • To Worship To Servce And To Witness
  • Property and Finance
  • Old South London

Chapter 2: 1950 - 1980

  • Introduction
  • Membership
  • Worship and Work
  • The Church and Society in Turbulent Times
  • Stewardship and Property

Chapter 3: 1980 - 1999

  • Introduction
  • The Congregation
  • New Needs, New Responses
  • Women
  • From the Pulpit
  • Stewardship
  • Property
  • Personalities

Chapter 4: Ministry

  • Of Word and Sacrament
  • Elmwood Ministers
  • Issues, Challenges and Accomplishments
  • Women
  • From the Pulpit
  • Stewardship
  • Property
  • Personalities

Chapter 5: Ministry of Music

  • Introduction
  • Instruments
  • Organists
  • The Choirs

The Presbyterian Church in Canada

The roots of The Presbyterian Church in Canada are Scottish (our mother Church was the Church of Scotland which is Presbyterian), but our Canadian heritage includes the work and witness of French Huguenots (Protestant) settlers who came to Canada in the 1600s. Of course, many people have come, and continue to come, into our denomination from other branches of the Christian Church.

Many Presbyterians in Canada have their churches named after Reformers, particularly John Calvin (a Frenchman) and John Knox (a Scot who was influenced by Calvin's teachings). John Calvin (1509-1564) has often been called the "father" of Presbyterianism. Calvin lived in Geneva, Switzerland. From there, Presbyterianism spread through Europe. Calvin, like other reformers, worked hard to develop a church where everyone, not just the clergy, shared responsibilities. Schools were established to provide education for both clergy and laity. John Knox (1515-1572), after studying with Calvin in Geneva, returned to his native Scotland to establish Presbyterianism. It soon spread to northern Ireland, the United States and Canada. In 1875 several groups of Presbyterians formed a union and called themselves The Presbyterian Church. Our Church has been independent since then.

Today, The Presbyterian Church in Canada has about 1,000 congregations with members coming from many national and racial backgrounds. For example there are now 20 Korean congregations. Within our denomination there are many different languages and styles of worship. There are congregations that worship in English, French, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Hungarian, Spanish and Portuguese. In the 1990s The Presbyterian Church in Canada has welcomed new Korean and Ghanaian congregations.

Ministry of Word & Music


Rev. Dr. Andrew Fullerton was inducted as the seventh minister of Elmwood in 2016


Director of Music - Organist & Choir Director

Bonnie Neaves became Elmwood's Director of Music in 2023.